Study says spontaneous rare mutations in genes responsible for half of autism cases

Cold Spring Harbor, N.Y. — A team of researchers from the Cold Spring Harbor Laboratory in New York found a genetic analysis that supports prediction that about half of autism cases involve spontaneous rare mutations in genes— rather than several common mutations that, collectively, inflict devastating effects to an individual, as commonly believed by many. […]

Scientists from Pittsburgh elaborate on the role of genetics in autism

Pittsburgh  – A number of theories have been formed by many researchers over the years in an attempt to identify the real reason behind Autism Spectrum Disorder (ASD). Scientists have already previously ruled out the theory that autism is caused by genes which were passed down to children from their parents– which leaves several other […]

Research – Scientists find genes responsible for autism not passed down from parents

Cold Spring Harbor, NY — Two major studies were conducted by scientists in an attempt to take a closer look at the genes that could possibly be held responsible for causing autism in children. The studies, which identified more than a hundred genes, were both published in the journal Nature. It has long been believed […]

Press Release – Researchers unravel a link between a genetic mutation and autistic behaviors, then find a way to undo it

New research by Dr. Yan and her co-authors describes the cellular and molecular basis behind some autistic behaviors and suggests potential biomarkers and pharmaceutical targets. Scientists at the University at Buffalo have identified the mechanisms behind a genetic mutation that produces certain autistic behaviors in mice, as well as therapeutic strategies to restore normal behaviors. […]