Epidemic of Knowledge – Film documentary by Olley Edwards explores reality of autism diagnosis for females

Epidemic of Knowledge is a short documentary film that follows the journey of mother, Olley Edward’s, 32, as she embarks upon her own autism journey of self-discovery. Along the way she also explores how autism presents itself in females. Olley is a passionate campaigner and advocate for females on the autism spectrum and is an […]

New study finds parenting girls with autism more stressful

Los Angelas, CA – A new study shows raising a girl on the spectrum is more stressful for the parents. The study was conducted by Irina Zamora, Eliza K. Harley, Shulamite A. Green, Kathryn Smith, Michele D. Kipke and was published in the open access journal Autism Research and Treatment. News outlet examainer.com recently reported […]

Girls are being under diagnosed with Autism new survey says

A recent study published in the Journal of Autism and developmental disorders on October 9 has found that girls are highly likely to go undetected for Autism because they are calmer and less hyper-active than boys. Researchers at Monash University, Melbourne carried out tests on 56 children (aged 7-12) diagnosed with autism spectrum disorder (ASD), and […]

My Circle of Girls: Bringing Girls with Autism Together

Durham, NC — A mother of a six-year-old girl with autism is reaching out to families caring for young girls with autism— to let them know that there is a community especially for them in ‘My Circle of Girls’. It is a well-known fact based on researches and studies that boys are more likely to […]

Girls with Autism face unique challenges during adolescence

Raising a child with autism is not easy, and the challenges that arise during the teen years are well documented. Continuing our series on autism and females we look at the issues surrounding adolescence. Changing bodies, hormone levels, and new social expectations are hurdles many typically-developing children struggle with, and for children with autism, they […]