Face Tracking Software using Google Glass may help people with Autism

As reported and explained on July 2th, Google Glass shows promise for many applications for those on the autism spectrum. People with autism may soon have a new tool to assist them with recognizing facial expressions. New face tracking software allows the user to point computerized eyewear at a person’s face and receive a single […]

Could Google Glass benefit those on the Autism spectrum?

The wearable computer with an optical head-mounted display, known as Google Glass, is currently being researched and developed by Google X. This new technology can be described as a hands-free smartphone that has the ability to work with the internet via voice commands. The only available version of Google Glass at the moment is the […]

Hackathon aimed at all those on the Autism Spectrum a Success

This past weekend a major Autism Hackathon took place in San Francisco, CA.  At least 135 developers, as well as designers and experts of autism came together to focus on programming applications that would help autistic adults who are verging on exciting turning points in life – career, romance, living away from home.  Each of […]

Google halts sales on Google Glass – what does it mean to the special needs community?

The Wall Street Journal was first to report Google Inc. is halting individual sales of its wearable Glass yesterday.  This was quickly followed by others, especially technology reporters. The product, Google Glass, while first talked about and unveiled back in 2012, never had an official launch or a marketing strategy.  It was also costly at around $1,500 […]