Guarantee Your Children’s Safety With ChildTrack 24/7

Children get lost every day but fortunately they are usually found quickly. With children on the autism spectrum the statistics are more disturbing. Parents may try to do everything they can but if you have a child who bolts or wanders additional precautions are necessary. ChildTrack 24/7 is the way to go about children’s safety. […]

Freedom Wandering Prevention and Emergency Alert Watch – A Device That Gives You The True Sense Of Freedom

Freedom for normal people is enough in the form of the autonomy they have in doing their tasks. Having an elderly patient, a person with some serious medical condition or a child on the autism spectrum is a constant source of worry.  The current stats are that almost half of children with autism (particularly under […]

Geocatching and Autism: A perfect match

Geocoaching helps those with autism get out of their shells What is geocatching? noun a form of treasure hunt using GPS, in which an item is hidden somewhere in the world and its coordinates posted on the Internet, so that GPS users can locate it. Toni Brown works Texas Parks and Wildlife as a systems analyst […]

My911 a solution to many security needs but not wandering

Security is an important concern for anyone.  However, getting security and help in the time of distress should be easy. My911 is the device that brings all the security needs in one place and comes out as a one-solution to all. Depending on the skills of a person with autism, it may be a choice […]

A Safer Life For People At Risk With LoJack’s SafetyNet System

Technology has played its role in all the areas of life and it is no more a difficult task to take care of a person with special needs. Today, there is a vast variety of technology that can help  track the position of wanderers within seconds and recover them if they are lost. LoJack has […]

Care Trak helping families find loved ones for over 25 years

  If you have a person at home who needs special attention due to wandering or bolting, you are definitely looking for a device that makes the job easier for you.  The newer systems are based on GPS technology and they allow you to search for your lost loved ones or other items with the […]

Geoskeeper Personal Cellular Bracelet provides peace of mind

Technology continues to advance in providing new ways for parents to help keep track of the person with special needs who may either wander or bolt. One technological device in this category is the Geoskeeper personal cellular security communication bracelet. This device has been designed for the safety of those with Alzheimer’s, children with autism […]

There are better location devices than the iTracker Quadband GSM

Autistic children who bolt or wander need extra care. Despite all the car in the world, there remains a possibility of losing track of someone. If this should happen, finding the person as quickly as possible is critical. During our data collection, one device that did come up in our research a few times was […]