Autism Research Review: October, 2012

Importance of Early Intervention Confirmed A study conducted at the Washington University, released on the 26th of October 2012, showed that early intervention in autism improves responses of brain to various social and cognitive cues. A program designed for autistic children diagnosed even at a young age of 12 months determined that intensive behavioural therapy can […]

Greater need for Residential Communities for adults with Autism

Statistics can be unsettling, but also a way to mobilize. According to Montana ASA, at least 80% of autistic adults between the ages of 18 and 30 live with their parents. The unemployment rate of autistic adults is 81%. In the next ten years, around 500,000 children with autism will become adults. Thousands have been […]

System Helps Adults with Autism Learn to Cook

It is a known fact that people with autism learn differently.  This can make it challenging to learn the daily routines that are necessary in order to live independently.  A graduate student at Syracuse University has created a system designed to simplify the process of cooking for people with autism, which for some, could lead […]

Can A Dorm Be Home?

After recent articles in the news about the best places for autistic adults to live, I started to rethink the issue of housing for my daughter. She is in high school and currently looking at colleges. This is a huge step for us, as it is for everyone, and a major concern is housing. Many […]