Autism Today in Australia

According to the Australian bureaux of statistics, there were approximately 125,000 people affected by ASD, or autism spectrum disorder in Australia in the year 2009. To define this figure, this can be broken down to one in 160 for 6-12 year aged children. The point must be made however, that this figure is speculative, given […]

Proposed autism therapy insurance bill unsucessful

Tennessee – Democratic State Senator Sara Kyle has revealed her disappointment in the Senate Committee for deciding against a proposed autism behavioral therapy bill. The proposed legislation  would have cost over $200 million dollars by requiring insurance companies to provide applied behavioral analysis (ABA) to children and adolescents on the spectrum. Ultimately ABA is considered […]

Kansas health insurance mandate for autism treatment is shaping up

Kansas– Therapy for autism is not covered by health insurances in Kansas at this point in time but a new mandate is trying to change legislation to allow autistic children to have coverage. Under the proposed mandate, Applied behavioural analysis and a range of behavioural therapies will be available and covered by the county’s health […]

Mother supports passing of new autism insurance bill

Fort Collins, CO – A local mother is pleased with the government of Colorado’s decision to pass a proposed bill regarding the broadening of autism coverage insurance requirements. Cari Brown reveals that she expected a “massive fight” to occur as the proposed bill went through the general assembly during the last legislative session. However the […]

Autism bill in Georgia finally overcomes hurdle after seven long years

Atlanta — Georgia State Rep. Richard Smith (R-Columbus) finally gave in and agreed to compromise after consistently blocking a bill that aims to make insurance coverage for children with autism a requirement in the state. The bill— called Ava’s Law, named after a 10-year-old child with autism from Toombs County— was intended to help children […]

Proposed bill for autism treatment coverage through insurance plans expanded

Pierre, SD – The parents of children with ASD have helped to expand a bill that would result in an increase of coverage for specific behavioural therapy treatments offered throughout the state. On Wednesday, the House of State Affairs Committee voted to approve the amendment which would ultimately mandate the coverage, resulting in a 30% […]

Autism, Legislation and Insurance

Autism is expensive. Children diagnosed often require multiple therapies for years. ABA therapy, occupational therapy, speech therapy, social skills therapy, psychiatric care and any medications required are all extra expenses not covered by insurance in every state. ABA alone may cost $100 or more an hour and patients often benefit the most from daily therapy […]

Insurance Coverage for Autism Therapy in Colorado

Colorado Division of Insurance, Colorado, Texas – There is a gap in insurance coverage for children with autism. KOAA 5 News report that the Division of Insurance adopted new policies following changes to the Affordable Care Act that eliminated lifetime caps for treatment. Parents have since reported that this change has dramatically reduced the amount […]

Boston company paving the way in autism health benefit

Boston, MA – A Boston company J.P. Morgan Chase and Company is paving the way for other American companies to have health cover for autism. Announced in late November, it means that employees with autistic children will be given financial help to aid with expensive and life long therapies for their children including ABA (applied […]