Autism Research Review: October, 2012

Importance of Early Intervention Confirmed A study conducted at the Washington University, released on the 26th of October 2012, showed that early intervention in autism improves responses of brain to various social and cognitive cues. A program designed for autistic children diagnosed even at a young age of 12 months determined that intensive behavioural therapy can […]

Revolutionary gene therapy could reverse symptoms of Retts Syndrome

Research into Retts Syndrome, one of the most debilitating of the Autism Spectrum Disorders, has proved to reverse the symptoms in a recent study conducted on mice. Rett Syndrome strikes little girls almost exclusively, with first symptoms usually appearing before the age of 18 months.  These children lose speech, motor control and functional hand use, […]

3 out of 5 Children with Autism have been Bullied

Children on the Autism Spectrum are particularly prone to being bullied. Most of which goes unreported. Yesterday, two juvenile males were arrested in Buffalo for allegedly punching and attempting to steal an autistic boy’s bicycle. In the neighboring state of Michigan, basketball player Anthony Ianni speaks at schools on his experiences with autism and bullying at […]

Study Finds Minorities Less Likely to Receive Autism Services

A study published in the June 17th issue of Pediatrics found that minority children with autism were 38% to 68% less likely than Caucasian children to see specialists for treatment of co-morbidity issues common with the disorder. The study tracked over 3,600 children with autism, and found that minority children were substantially  less likely than […]

Clinical Trials Haulted for Promising Drug in the Treatment of Autism

 Seaside Therapeutics’ clinical trials for the drug Arbaclofen placarbil have recently been shutdown due to funding issues. On May 15, 2013, the sponsor of Arbaclofen sent an announcement to the clinics involved in the administration of the drug stating “We regret to inform you that Study 209FX303 [An Open-Label Extension Study to Evaluate the Safety, […]

Autism Research Review – April 2013

Hypertension drug to improve memory in ASD, research reveals There is always new hope that comes along with research. Sometimes a new molecule is discovered and sometimes new functions of an old molecule are discovered. Something similar happened when neurologist David B.  and his team were working with autism afflicted children. On 15th April, 2013 […]

Early Intervention Reduces Symptoms of Autism

Researchers have gone through different phases of study for the behavioral therapies that could effectively put an end to autism. They have also come up with the idea of several intervention programs to tackle this particular problem and have succeeded with flourishing results as well. But, the question is still being raised that whether these […]

Peer Modeling Shows Greater Success than Traditional Autism Interventions

Studies suggest that peer training outperforms traditional autism interventions. As research continues to surface in news reports and other media, more information becomes available to parents and teachers. Primary caregivers can utilize these techniques on a daily basis. Interventions that focus on the child in a less clinical setting are showing positive benefits to them. […]

Art and Autism

Self expression is is a natural human desire and art is often a vehicle for this need. Not of of use will ever get our drawings or sculptures published but that does not mean it has intrinsic value in communicating something about us and how we experience our world. However, 50 have. Published in June of 2012, Drawing Autism […]