MENSA Award Winning app for autism and communication disorders is now available for download on the iTunes Store

PRESS RELEASE -San Francisco, CA (November 12, 2013) Now available: InnerVoice, the only app ever to receive an award from MENSA, provides a voice for individuals who have challenges speaking and teaches them how to speak for themselves is now available for download on the iTunes store. The app utilizes patent-pending interactive video self-modeling, which […]

Romibo – Researchers Seek Funding for Affordable Therapy Robot

It is a known fact that children with autism do not develop social reciprocity with the same ease as their typically-developing peers. One of the main obstacles is the complex and subtle nature of human social cues. Children with autism tend to be literal thinkers who are comfortable with routine and sameness, and social interaction […]

System Helps Adults with Autism Learn to Cook

It is a known fact that people with autism learn differently.  This can make it challenging to learn the daily routines that are necessary in order to live independently.  A graduate student at Syracuse University has created a system designed to simplify the process of cooking for people with autism, which for some, could lead […]

Feed Maxi from Speak Eazy Apps – Part 2

One of the many benefits of writing for Autism Daily Newscast is being able to review products. Part 1 provides an overview to the app. Here is my review of Feed Maxi by Speak Eazy Apps. I have a son 5 who has ASD. I downloaded the app onto the IPad and waited for my […]

Feed Maxi from Speak Eazy Apps – Part 1

New York, Pamela Mandell – is Founder and CEO of Speak Eazy Apps and is a certified speech and language pathologist with over 14 years’ experience. She currently provides speech and language services for toddlers at a non-profit school in Manhattan, as well as home-care services for babies, toddlers and preschoolers with special needs. Pamela […]