Help Your Child with Autism Build Stronger Bonds through Eye Contact

“LOOK AT ME” – No one likes to be forced to do anything, especially kids. As a parent, you know it’s difficult for your child with autism to make eye contact, which sometimes leads you to say:  “Look at me.”  As parents, caretakers, and teachers, we sometimes find ourselves demanding that our kids give eye […]

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Podcast: Help Kids with Autism Have Better Conversations with Karen Kabaki-Sisto SLP

Karen Kabaki-Sisto is a certified Speech-Language Pathologist and Applied Behavioral Analysis instructor. For over 20 years, Karen has been helping children with autism improve their communication abilities. In 2015, she launched “I Can Have Conversations With You!”, a life-changing iPad app to empower people with autism to start, maintain, and end naturally-flowing conversations. 10 years […]