Mother accused of attempted murder of autistic daughter wants to write parenting book

Traverse City, Michigan – A mother who stands accused of trying to murder her 14 year old autistic daughter and then trying to kill herself has admitted she wants to write a parenting book for parents with autistic children. Autism Daily Newscast reported the harrowing story of Kelli Stapleton on September 6. Ms Stapleton, 45 […]

Alex Spourdalakis: When media intervention goes wrong in Autism coverage

How far is too far? Do parents of autistic children need more support? A petition has been started urging producers to take down the video featuring interviews with Dorothy Spourdalakis. Autism Daily Newscast reported on the video on August 30, re-telling the story of how Dorothy was an innocent victim of a system who failed her, and […]

Desperate Measures – When a mother can no longer care for her autistic child

Parents of Philippe Telford, a nineteen year old man with severe autism, reached this point last April.  Amanda Telford told CTVnews Ottawa, Canada that she and her husband no longer had the resources physically, mentally, emotionally or financially to provide the care to secure the safety of their son. That week, Philippe had wandered off from […]

Michigan woman accused of attempting to murder Autistic daughter

A Michigan mother who kept a blog, chronicling her experience with an Autistic 14 year old daughter has been charged on warrant with attempted murder. Kelli Stapelton, 45, was found unconscious in her car,  after what police believe to be a suicide attempt  in Grand Rapids. Ms Stapelton was released from hospital after been treated […]

Is Lack of Services to Blame for the Murder of Children with Autism?

Raising a child with autism is challenging, and many families are struggling. While advocacy groups and politicians work to find the funding and resources necessary to help, there are real families, with real children, who are dealing with the realities as well as they possibly can. There are stories of those who overcome the odds, […]

Dr. Phil Exclusive – The Mother Who Attempted to Kill Herself and Her Autistic Daughter

Dr. Phil – In an exclusive television interview,aired September 16,  Dr Phil will interview Kelli Stapleton, the woman who pleaded guilty to a felony charge of first-degree child abuse. Kelli tried to kill both herself and her teenage daughter, who has autism, with carbon monoxide poisoning.  Both were found inside the locked family van, unconscious […]