Kevin Healey talks about the Dimensions Charity Question Time Panel at Parliament

On November 18 Kevin Healey was invited to take part in an accessible Question Time Panel for people with learning disabilities and autism. It was organised by the UK charity, Dimensions, who support people with learning disabilities and autism. The event took place at Portcullis House, Westminster, London and coincided with Parliament Week. The Question […]

BBC Four, ‘Autism: Challenging Behaviour’ Documentary and Opinions

Reaction to “Autism: Challenging Behaviour” on BBC is strong and mixed. Airdate: Tuesday 5th November. The documentary focused upon the use of Applied Behaviour Analysis) and how it is used as an intervention for Autistic children. The programme information on the BBC website is as follows: ‘The film follows three-year-old Jack and four-year-old Jeremiah through […]

Kevin Healey on Reporting Impersonation Accounts on Twitter

We have reported several times about Kevin Healey, a leading autism campaigner who is fighting for laws to protect autistic individuals from cyber bullying and online hate crimes. He has successfully implemented a ten minute bill which will be happening at the end of this month in Parliament with regards to this matter. In August […]

Kevin Healey, Autism Anti-Bullying Campaigner

Kevin Healey is a leading autism campaigner, ambassador for the National Autistic Society, radio presenter for SAAS (Staffordshire Adults Autistic Society) and published author. In July, Autism Daily Newscast reported Kevin’s concerns regarding the twitter ‘report abuse’ button and his national campaign to put laws in place to protect and safeguard autistic individuals from online […]

Opinion – Katie Hopkins sinks to all time low in offensive tweets about young girl with autism

Katie Hopkins – On May 5 we reported on Katie Hopkin’s offensive tweets towards those with disabilities and autism, Update – Katie Hopkins causes outrage within autism community with offensive tweets. However, now she has sunk to an all time low. On Thursday night, May 14 she posted offensive tweets about a young girl with […]

Update – Katie Hopkins causes outrage within autism community with offensive tweets

Katie Hopkins – On May 4 we covered the story, Denise Welch and Lucy Hawkins – Celebrities to Slam Katie Hopkins for Mocking Autism on how celebrities had vented their anger and frustrations over the tweets made by Katie Hopkins directed towards Ed Miliband.   After reading these offensive tweets, which aimed to mock individuals […]

Press Release – Internet Safety Day 2015: Autism Campaigner subjected to vile trolling on Twitter

Press Release – Kevin Healey, autism advocate and campaigner released the following press release on Monday Feb 9. A leaked memo by Twitter’s Chief Executive, Dick Costolo, has admitted that the company “sucks” when it comes to dealing with abuse and trolling on the service. This revelation hardly comes as a massive surprise to us. […]

Care in crisis – individuals with autism and learning disabilities dumped in institutions

A report by NHS England that has been published yesterday voices that thousands of people with autism and other learning difficulties are in “inappropriate hospitals” instead of being allowed to live within their own community or at home. Autism Daily Newscast reported on this a few weeks ago, our report can be read here. The report […]

Campaign For Disability Awareness Lessons launch campaign video and poster

Plymouth,Campaign For Disability Awareness (CFDA) – has started running a project in order to raise disability awareness. They are asking its followers to post on social media a selfie and what disability they want to raise awareness for. This is done by writing, ‘Awareness  4’ with the disability that the individual wished to represent, followed […]

National Autism Association’s Facebook page hacked

National Autism Association(NAA) – The non profit organization has reported that its Facebook page has been hacked. Cathy Jameson wrote on the Age of Autism website that the Facebook page has presumably been taken over by internet trolls. The admin of the National Autism Association Facebook page can now no longer have access and innaproriate […]