Autism Research Review: December, 2012

Emotional transition necessary in autism, research reveals On the 3rd of this month, a research team lead by Mikle South from Brigham Young University revealed that children with autism struggle with the baggage of old fears that they cannot let go. The rigid old fears are linked with the repetitive motions and aversion to change […]

Autism Research Review – May 2013

Brain cells created in lab. New hope for autism. A path breaking research was published in the journal Cell Stem Cell on 2nd May jointly by the Sloan Kettering Institute for Cancer Research & Children’s Hospital of Philadelphia. A team of scientists led by Stewart Anderson & Lorenz Studer produced interneurons in a laboratory simulating […]

Autism Research Review – April 2013

Hypertension drug to improve memory in ASD, research reveals There is always new hope that comes along with research. Sometimes a new molecule is discovered and sometimes new functions of an old molecule are discovered. Something similar happened when neurologist David B.  and his team were working with autism afflicted children. On 15th April, 2013 […]