Hope for Three conducts autism awareness campaign and training for law enforcement officers

HOUSTON — Hope for Three, a Houston-based non profit organization, teamed up with Fort Bend County Sheriff’s Department to conduct Crisis Intervention Trainings (CIT) for local law enforcement officials. CIT is an initiative by Hope for Three which aims to raise awareness about autism among law enforcers, and provide them training on the proper way […]

Hong Kong police criticized over arrest of man with autism

Hong Kong — Local police in Hong Kong are currently under fire following the wrongful arrest of a 30-year-old man with autism. Officers in Hong Kong arrested the man with autism in the afternoon of May 2 on suspicion of the murder of an elderly man on April 13 at the Mei Lam Estate in […]

Project Lifesaver Helps Bring Loved Ones Home

On Sunday in New Zealand, Eamon Smith was reported missing by his family about 4.30pm. He was successfully located by neighbours who were aware of the disappearance. This was not the first time Eamon who is autistic had gone wandering. Both a jet boat and helicopter were used to cover every square foot of the area. […]

Cranston police officers to receive autism training

CRANSTON, R.I. – Police officers in Cranston are now to receive specialist training in how to interact with individuals who have autism. We recently covered the story, Petition Launched for Autism Awareness and Special Needs Recognition Training for US Law Enforcement that can be read here. A news release was issued on Sunday April 26, […]

BE SAFE The Movie – Interview with Emily Iland

Be Safe the Movie – We recently ran a series on the topic of law enforcement and autism and we were received many personal messages about this emotive subject. The opinion piece, Autism and the Police – I am Frightened, in particular, received many comments  from parents and caregivers of children and adults with autism. […]

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Autism and the police – I am frightened

Autism, youth and law enforcement –  All this week we are discussing the issues surrounding law enforcement and young people who are on the autism spectrum. This is an issue of great concern for any parent or caregiver of a child or young person who is autistic. No matter where in the world you live. […]