Freedom Wandering Prevention and Emergency Alert Watch – A Device That Gives You The True Sense Of Freedom

Freedom for normal people is enough in the form of the autonomy they have in doing their tasks. Having an elderly patient, a person with some serious medical condition or a child on the autism spectrum is a constant source of worry.  The current stats are that almost half of children with autism (particularly under […]

Gone Missing, Avonte Oquendo’s still missing but others are being found

Children from the ages of 4 to 7 with autism are 35% more likely to wander than neurotypical children. After almost four weeks, there remains little news on the location of 14 year old Avonte Oquendo. A teenager did take a picture of someone who resembles the missing teenager Tuesday.  The family  a acknowledges the similarities […]

QR Code iD: A Smart Tool for Wandering Prevention

One of the most common worries among parents of children with autism is safety. Since children with autism struggle with communicating their desires and problems, there is a tendency for them to run off. Moreover, their limitations on communication may prove a difficulty not only for them but also for rescuers and people who find […]

Autism training sessions help law enforcement

North Waterboro, Maine – Matt Brown is an Autism Information Specialist who has been advising law enforcement to overcome the challenges of searching for missing people with autism. He has ran over 200 training sessions for law enforcement and he says in the WCSH 6 News article that he is not surprised that the search […]

New video of Avonte Oquendo shows him running just feet past safety agent’s desk

LONG ISLAND CITY – A new video and new details from a police report on the disappearance of Avonte Oquendo that was released by the lawyer for Avonte Oquendo’s family. They decided to release the new video on Monday night and it clearly shows Avonte running just feet past the safety agent’s desk. David Perecman […]