Vile arsonist destroy autistic boy’s Christmas dream

Manchester, UK- Cowardly arsonists have destroyed an autistic boy’s dream Christmas present of a sensory play house in the garden, by maliciously setting fire to it. Seven year old Harvey Ratcliffe is severely autistic, and parents Fiona and Wesley had saved for months to convert the garden shed into a sensory room for their son, full of expensive light […]

Disabled man with autism banned from Trafford Centre Legoland

Manchester, Uk –  This past weekend, the press has been dominated by the story of a 40-year-old man, Simon Thomason, who was informed that his yearly pass to gain entry into the Trafford Centre Legoland, will not be renewed. Mr Thomason has autism, cerebral palsy and has a mental age of a seven-year-old. He was […]

Girl with autism abandoned by cab driver

Manchester, UK – 11-year-old girl with autism Lucy Devlin was abandoned by her cab driver when she couldn’t come up with the extra fare. She was a half mile from school. Since her parents can’t always drive her to school they made arrangements with Denton’s Call-a-Car to have a driver take her for £4 (about […]

Young man who was denied specialist support services from local council sadly dies

Tameside, Manchester, UK  – Cameron Brookes was a 16 year old boy with Asperger’s Syndrome. On August 18 2012 he was found dead at home, in his bedroom, after an argument with his mother and step father, Wendy and Mark Brookes. Cameron had been denied access to a specialist support service as he ‘didn’t fit […]

Celebs work Studio 54 at the Hearts & Minds Charity Ball – w/video

Manchester, UK – On November 30 soap stars, showbiz shakers and VIPs worked sequins, velvet, gold andglamour last night as they attended a decadent Studio 54 Ball in Manchester to raise money for the Hearts & Minds Challenge charity. The lovely ladies of Hollyoaks were out in full force as they graced the red carpet […]

Sadistic thugs who tortured Autistic boy for days set FREE under UK Government initiative

Editorial Disclaimer: Some readers of a sensitive nature may find this report disturbing A government initiative is being blamed for the return of three sadistic thugs to the streets of the UK who filmed themselves torturing a seventeen year old boy with Asperger’s Syndrome. Jack Bolton, Andrew Griffin and Nathan Marshall, all 18 from Salford Manchester […]