Update – “jumping for joy” – Maria Sevilla and son Tyrone hear official news they can stay in Australia

Australia – We have covered the story of nurse, Maria Sevilla and her son many times here on Autism Daily Newscast. Our last report can be read here. Mother and son were fearful of facing deportation to the Philippines due to the high cost of caring for Tyrone, who has autism.¬† Ms Sevilla and Tyrone […]

Young boy pleads for his friend not to be deported just because he has autism – w/video

Queensland, Australia — An 11-year-old child pleaded before Australia’s Q&A show’s panelists for his 10-year-old friend not to be deported just because he has autism. We last reported on this story back in September, our report, 9 Year old boy faces deportation back to Philippines¬† because of autism, can be read here. Ethan Egart took […]