Missing autistic Bronx boy found in New York’s Time Square

New York, USA –  A 12 year old boy described by the department of education as a high functioning autistic has been found wandering around Times Square,Manhattan New York after being reported missing after  walking out of P.S. 188 on Cauldwell Avenue at around 10:30 a.m. Monday December 2. He was found after safely walking from […]

Guarantee Your Children’s Safety With ChildTrack 24/7

Children get lost every day but fortunately they are usually found quickly. With children on the autism spectrum the statistics are more disturbing. Parents may try to do everything they can but if you have a child who bolts or wanders additional precautions are necessary. ChildTrack 24/7 is the way to go about children’s safety. […]

A Mini GPS Tracking Device For Your Loved Ones

Wandering and bolting continue to be a major issue for children on the autism spectrum. Estimates suggest that up to 49% of individuals with ASD will wander off or bolt at some time. The statistics are the highest for children under seven. If you have a child that falls into this category then the mini […]

Two teens with autism found while Avonte Oquendo remains missing

California, Montreal, New York – Avonte Oquendo still missing 18 year old David Allen Soto was found after four days in the mountains around Wildomar, California. Soto who has autism and schizophrenia was taken to the hospital for a check up before being released to his family.  The search team is releaved to have located him […]

Gone Missing, Avonte Oquendo’s still missing but others are being found

Children from the ages of 4 to 7 with autism are 35% more likely to wander than neurotypical children. After almost four weeks, there remains little news on the location of 14 year old Avonte Oquendo. A teenager did take a picture of someone who resembles the missing teenager Tuesday.  The family  a acknowledges the similarities […]

Wandering: Higher Risks for those with Autism

The thought of losing a child due to wandering is terrifying to most parents. When it comes to parents who have an autistic child, however, it is even scarier, as wandering is more prevalent in those with autism spectrum disorder. Every few days a child with autism is reported missing. Sometimes there is good news […]

A Safer Life For People At Risk With LoJack’s SafetyNet System

Technology has played its role in all the areas of life and it is no more a difficult task to take care of a person with special needs. Today, there is a vast variety of technology that can help  track the position of wanderers within seconds and recover them if they are lost. LoJack has […]