New study further diminishes link between MMR and autism

Some parents still refuse to immunise their children with the MMR vaccine although there is little medical evidence to substantiate a link between the vaccine and autism. A study which has analysed 20,000 reports published between 2010 and 2013 has determined that there is nothing to vaccines and autism a finding Time magazine says “researchers […]

Andrew Wakefield’s MMR and vaccination claim resurfaces

There seems to be some new research published weekly that refutes to make a claim that discredited Doctor Andrew Wakefield’s claims to a link between the MMR vaccination and Autism development. Autism Daily Newscast would like to point out that NO medical evidence has yet been determined for the causes or development of Autism or […]

Male brain and the role of testosterone and thimerosal in autism – an opinion

Editor’s Note: Occasionally at Autism Daily Newscast we receive emails which pose interesting questions. One such email was received last week by Tony Bateson, in response to an article we published regarding Robert F Kennedy Jr’s as yet unpublished book about the MMR vaccinations. I will allow Mr Bateson himself to voice his opinion, and […]

Study finds no link between MMR vaccine and autism, even among children at higher risk – w/video

MMR vaccine – a recent study carried out on 95,000 children with autism, who have older siblings, found no link between the vaccine and increased risk of developing autism spectrum disorder (ASD). The full press release of the study, posted on the Eureka Alert website can be read below. * Press Release – In a […]

Chelation – heavy metal poisoning treatment is not a therapy for autism – w/video

Parents who have been told their child has autism or have a suspicion of it hit Google. It’s the first thing they do. They think quite reasonably ‘what can I do to help my child?’. First things to come up are  Autism Speaks, DAN ( Defeat Autism Now) and therapies including ABA which stands for […]

Roald Dahl’s twenty-seven-year old letter about vaccinating our children just as powerful today

Roald Dahl – All this week we have been covering the varying viewpoints and opinions of those within the autism community about the issue of vaccinating children. Should we vaccinate our children? What are the risks? Are there any risks or links to autism? We have heard from celebrities, parents and have covered the latest […]

Why research into autism is vital

Statistics tell us that in twenty years’ time one in every two of every children born in the USA will fall somewhere upon the autism spectrum. The spectrum is so huge and varied in diagnosis at the moment, it’s difficult to determine who is and who isn’t placed somewhere on it. Millions of dollars annually […]

Vaccination poll a draw with Autism Daily Newscast readers

We asked readers in a recent poll to ask whether they believe in vaccinating children. The link between autism and vaccination has always been hotly debated in the media, and in recent months we have reported stories on Andrew Wakefield’s controversial claim resurfacing, and independent news sources claiming that a new paper had been found […]