Budget Vacations for Families with an Autistic Child

Since vacationing with an autistic child is no longer out of the question, another concern may arise of having the funds to afford a family trip. Perhaps the budget is already stretched due to all of the expenses involved in caring for an individual with special needs. Although any excursion will cost money, travelers can […]

Exciting Getaway Destinations for Families with an Autistic Member

A child who cannot handle too much stimulation at one time can still experience excitement with other family members on many types of trips. Amusement parks are just one type of an experience. Families with an autistic child have explored and enjoyed other types of places and activities that are exciting and fascinating, especially to […]

Science Museum Early Bird Autism Friendly Sessions – Revisited

Science Museum London – Early Bird Autism Friendly Visits, Back in October Autism Daily Newscast reported about the Autism Friendly sessions offered by the Science Museum. Claire had contacted us about the Museum to tell us of how well the sessions were organised and that more Museums need to adopt an Autism friendly approach. We were […]