DJ with autism uses music to overcome barriers

Prince George, BC – A man with autism spectrum disorder (ASD) is using deejaying and his love for music, both to earn money and to cope with some of the symptoms that are inherent to the disorder. For the majority of his life Kyle Brochu found it difficult to deal with loud noises, crowds and […]

Great Sound And Features Of V-Moda Crossfade M-100 Headphones

V-Moda Crossfade M-100 is probably one of the coolest looking headphones with some of the best features you will ever find in headphones. These headphones have made a great name not only for their great sound but also the improved durability and sturdiness as compared to other headphones in the market right now. The remote […]

Autism and the power of music

Many on the autism spectrum find music and painting a way to be able to express and communicate. But not everyone on the autistic spectrum are budding artists.  There are lots of ASD people out there who just want to enjoy listening to music.  This is true even though they may experience auditory processing disorder […]

How Music Therapy Helps Learners with ASD: Part Two

Music is a form of communication. Music conveys feelings and if the composition has lyrics, music also expresses itself through words and ideas that are reinforced by the moods created from tone and beat. Learners on the autism spectrum are not impervious to the communication expressed through music. People with autism can perceive moods in […]

Japanese classical pianist holds concerts for carers of children with autism

London — Japanese classical pianist Noriko Ogawa will be holding a series of concerts for carers of children with autism spectrum disorder (ASD) in the UK. Ogawa, who started performing for the carers a little over 10 years ago, has recently been chosen to represent the National Autistic Society as a cultural ambassador. The classical […]

Young conductors with autism earn high marks from Cellist Matthew Barley

Hong Kong, China – Over a dozen young conductors with Autism Spectrum Disorder (ASD) were recently provided with the opportunity to conduct a musical piece for internationally renowned cellist Matthew Barley. The 20 teens and young adults took part in two workshops that not only enabled them to participate effectively in the music making process, […]

The Aus-Sums Record Their First Full CD!

Kansas City, Missouri – The Aus-Sums is a band that features original music that everyone can enjoy headed by Brian Smith and Michelle Beedle. However their main goal is helping children on the autism spectrum. Brian Smith is a father of four and he and his wife, Nancy, know first-hand the challenges of raising a […]

The Aus-Sums. A new children’s entertainment band that helps autistic children. Part 2

Kansas City, MO  – Brian Smith, The Aus-Sum Dad, recently announced that he has formed a new band called The Aus-Sums. The band features original music that everyone can enjoy but their main goal is helping children on the autism spectrum. This is part 2 of our interview with Brian. Part 1 can be read […]

Two musicians with autism perform as a duo

Lake Worth, Florida – An unlikely duet have been brought together by music, their teachers and autism WBTV 5 News reports. Piano instructor Lori White says: “It’s very unusual and it’s very exciting to put them together see how far they’ve come,” Brian Chen, 19, has been playing the piano for 10 years and Megan […]