Ari Ne’eman, First Autistic Presidential Appointee, on Living with Autism, Finding a Cure, and Neurodiversity

Last December, President Obama appointed Ari Ne’eman to the National Council on Disability (NCD), a panel that advises the President and Congress on ways to reform health care, schools, support services, and employment policy to better the lives of people living with disabilities. His nomination was controversial to many in the autism community, due to […]

The Conversation of Neurodiversity and Autism

Cornell University in New York recently posted an article that addressed the concerns related to the autistic population on campus. College students with autism have difficulties that set them apart from other students. The classroom environment can cause disruptions to their goals of learning and making friends. If a person with autism is not advanced […]

The Girl Who Didn’t Know How To Be – A picture book about autism and neurodiversity

London, UK – The Girl Who Didn’t Know How To Be – is a soon to be self-published picture book on the topic of autism and neurodiversity. The illustrator and creator behind the project, Milda, is an individual on the autism spectrum, who is an artist, illustrator and photojournalist. A Kickstarter campaign has been launched […]

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WrongPlanet Pageview Count hits a Profound All-Time Low due to lack of adequate autism representation

According to direct (actual, not estimated) measurements from Quantcast, WrongPlanet, which claims to be the largest forum online for people with Autism and Asperger’s syndrome and their relatives, has hit an all-time low count of website pageviews, as measured from January 2008. *  A pageview doesn’t represent a unique user, but rather an instance where […]

Autism Neurodiversity

After seeing this recent news story fabricate itself into becoming a major topic of discussion amongst the autistic community, I feel that it is appropriate as someone who has been diagnosed with Asperger’s Syndrome, a form of autism, to give his thoughts and opinions on a subject that I feel, is a delicate issue, but […]

I am proud to have an autistic mind

For me it seems logical, like the spreading of genes apart to create diversity in the world, that neurodiversity is simply part of that concept. Why is it important in most species to have genetic diversity? Well in accordance of what I learned in my A-level Biology, I would say it is to create a […]

Autism: A Community Divided

My son was diagnosed with autism in 2002, back when Autism Speaks was still Cure Autism Now and Jenny McCarthy was still posing for Playboy.  The anti-vaccine movement was already very much a thing, even before McCarthy jumped on the bandwagon.  I remember feeling confused and scared, and being inundated with anti-vaccine literature, and feeling […]

The true neurodiversity – by Philip Gluyas

I get very frustrated every time I see anyone on either side of the fence refer to the “neurodiversity movement“. The reason is that it is used by opponents of Autistic rights as a negative term, and in the process demeans neurodiversity’s true meaning. As I remember, when the term was first coined in the late 1990’s, it […]

Patterns for Success: Find Your Own Way

We’ve talked a bit about how to land a job, how to get settled in, and some of the things that might trip you up along the way (and how to avoid tripping in the first place). The Internet is full of advice for parents of autistic children (some valuable, others, well, I’ll save that […]

Pieces in the Corporate Puzzle

In my recurring role at Autism Daily Newscast writing the Patterns for Success column, I normally share with you all practical advice for thriving in the corporate landscape as an autistic professional. As we’re all considering the symbolism of the puzzle piece within our community, I thought I might take a step to the side […]