Fundraising father takes to sleeping rough to raise money for autism

Carmarthenshire, UK – After his son Jack was diagnosed with autism last month, Tom Nasmyth-Shaw, 29 from Ffos Las in Carmarthenshire, South Wales, decided he wanted to raise money for autism charities. But instead of deciding on a sponsored walk, or a skydive, he decided that he wanted to sleep rough on the streets of London […]

Children in Yorkshire, UK waiting too long for therapy

Yorkshire UK –  Children referred to paediatricians in North Yorkshire are being made to wait in excess of NHS guideline waiting times in parts of North Yorkshire. 245 children are currently listed for assessment 180 of which have exceeded the three month waiting period. NHS in North Yorkshire told BBC News  that good progress was […]

NAS campaign for quicker autism diagnosis

Recently the National Autistic Society (NAS) launched their Autism Diagnosis Crisis campaign. The campaign states: “This is why we launched the Autism diagnosis crisis campaign in August 2015 – to tell the Government and NHS to prioritise timely autism diagnosis.” What is interesting is that they found the average waiting time for children to be […]

Is the NHS failing girls who are on the autism spectrum?

Autism and girls -In an article published in the Guardian newspaper this week, the issue of women and girls on the autism spectrum was discussed at great length and the issues surrounding diagnosis. Autism has very much been  characterised in the past as a male condition. However autism in women is much more prevalent than […]

Thousands of individuals with autism are being cared for in “inappropraite” hosiptals, leaked NHS inquiry finds

NHS, UK – A leaked report by the NHS details that thousands of people with autism and other learning difficulties are in “inappropriate hospitals” instead of being allowed to live within their own community or at home. Simon Stevens, chief executive of NHS England, commissioned the  report, which calls for the NHS to “act with […]

Leading Autism Diagnosis Survey says NHS still not doing enough to shorten Autism diagnosis times

Wednesday Feb 5, Anna Kennedy OBE and Austin Hughes, Senior Officer from Anna Kennedy Online, met with Dept. of Health officials to discuss the findings of their recent Autism Diagnosis Survey in the UK results. We reported on this on Feb 4. Anna Kennedy said of the survey results that: “The shocking truth of waiting […]

A new service launched in Yorkshire will help to diagnose and 
support autistic adults

Sheffield, UK – GP’s have been given funding for a new initiative which will help support autistic adults. The funding will go to services including, psychiatry, psychology, specialist nursing and speech and language therapy. The service will include social care assessments and support for families, partners and carers. Doctor Steve Thomas who is the lead […]