Insurance coverage for ABA therapy not uniform in the US

Insurance coverage for applied behavioral analysis (ABA) therapy for children with autism is still not consistent throughout the United States, even with the implementation of the Affordable Care Act. The new law puts in place a variety of provisions that improve coverage for health care services related to autism, including eliminating pre-existing condition clauses, covering […]

How Obamacare Affects Families Living With Autism

Love it or hate it, Obamacare is here. The Patient Protection and Affordable Care Act or ObamaCare as it is popularly called is the largest health care expansion since the passage of Medicare in 1965.¬†Americans will now have access to a variety of health care plans via federal and state exchanges. It is too soon […]

How Will Obamacare Affect Autism Coverage?

As any family raising a child with autism knows all too well, the medical costs required to get these children the help they need are staggering. A study by the London School of Economics found that autism-related health costs have tripled since 2006, to $126 billion per year. They also estimate that the total cost […]

More States Debate Insurance Mandates to Cover Autism Treatments – Update

Raising a child with autism is expensive, and many families in the United States are still struggling to get by without any help from insurance companies. Several states are considering legislation that would require insurance to cover some therapies and treatments for children with autism. Here are the latest updates Kansas A bill that would […]

More States May Require Insurance to Cover Autism Therapy – Part 2

Raising a child with autism is expensive. The cost of therapies alone is staggering. Factor in the increased probability that your child will suffer from other, co-occurring medical issues, such as seizures or gastro-intestinal issues, and the costs continue to skyrocket. Obamacare has helped some families by eliminating insurance company’s right to refuse coverage based […]

More States May Require Insurance to Cover Autism Therapy – Part 1

Current treatments for autism, including Applied Behavior Analysis (ABA), are costly and time-intensive, and there is no guarantee that they will be covered under Obamacare. The federal government declined to institute a national standard for the coverage of autism treatment until 2016, so for now, the decision remains with the individual states. As of October […]