Ohio congress bans abortion of unborn babies diagnosed with Down syndrome

Columbus, Ohio — The Ohio House Committee on Community and Family Advancement voted in favor of a bill that bans abortion of unborn babies diagnosed with Down syndrome. The Ohio state legislative committee voted 9-3, with bipartisan support, in favor of the bill making the state the second in the U.S. to make abortion of […]

Update – Teens found guilty of Ice Bucket Challenge Attack get lenient sentence

Bay Village,  Ohio — Three teenagers who committed an Ice Bucket Challenge attack on a teenager with autism were sentenced on Monday. Many members of the autism community are calling the sentencing of the three teens merely a ‘slap on the wrist.’ During the attack a bucket containing bodily fluids and tobacco spit was poured […]

Family win legal case against state of Ohio to provide autism therapy for son

Cincinnati — Robert and Holly Young’s legal victory will serve good to many families who have children on the autism spectrum in the state of Ohio. After filing charges against the Ohio State Department in 2012, the Youngs have been awarded $142,000 as a settlement in their highly publicized legal battle against the state. The […]

UPDATE: Bay Village Police Identify Teens in Disturbing Ice Bucket Challenge Attack

BAY VILLAGE, Ohio – Bay Village police  have identified the people who are involved with the horrific and cruel ice bucket challenge towards a student with autism. The whole challenge was filmed using a phone and was posted to various social media sites. Autism Daily Newscast reported on the story here. The 15-year-old, who attends […]

Drew Carey offers $10k as reward to find individuals involved in horrific Ice Bucket Challenge

Bay Village, Ohio – On Friday we reported about the horrific and disturbing story about how  a group of callous bullies tricked a young autistic boy, aged 15,  into taking the ALS Ice Bucket Challenge, it can be read here. However instead of iced water, the bucket had been filled with urine, faeces and other […]

Bullies pour body fluids on autistic boy during ice bucket challenge

Bay Village, Ohio – The parents of a 15 year old boy from Ohio are outraged and hoping to press charges on callous bullies who duped the boy into taking the ALS Ice Bucket Challence, but replaced the ice water with urine, spit, faeces and cigarette butts. Youths took a video of the challenge from […]