Male brain and the role of testosterone and thimerosal in autism – an opinion

Editor’s Note: Occasionally at Autism Daily Newscast we receive emails which pose interesting questions. One such email was received last week by Tony Bateson, in response to an article we published regarding Robert F Kennedy Jr’s as yet unpublished book about the MMR vaccinations. I will allow Mr Bateson himself to voice his opinion, and […]

Holkham Hall, Norfolk, UK a fantastic day out for kids with autism – Review

I’m always on the look out for a new and exciting place to take the children especially at half term. No school doesn’t mean that I want them to run wild. I want them to learn something of the history and nature of the area in which we are living. I had my reservations about […]

UK Apprentice runner-up Katie Hopkins slurs Parents with Special Needs children

Ex UK Apprentice candidate and outspoken opinion blogger Katie Hopkins has enraged the Autism community with her latest dabble into blogging. Ms Hopkins, writing for the Huffington Post yesterday in a blog entitled “why must everything be a medical condition“, attempts to voice her concerns over over-diagnosis of ADHD and Autism, stating: “In many cases, […]

Opinion : The awful truth about trolling in the autism community

You may or may not have noticed, that my opinion writing has become less and less in the past few months. Whilst being unsure that this is the right platform to make a personal self-disclosing post I feel strongly that the content of this post will be relateable  to many of our readers. Trolling and internet […]

7 things I wish I had known when my daughter was diagnosed

Birthdays and anniversaries always make me nostalgic, particularly now that I am a little older. My oldest child recently turned 16 and I spent some time thinking about how far we have all come in her lifetime. I thought about when she was first diagnosed with autism. My mother had died only a couple of […]

I am proud to have an autistic mind

For me it seems logical, like the spreading of genes apart to create diversity in the world, that neurodiversity is simply part of that concept. Why is it important in most species to have genetic diversity? Well in accordance of what I learned in my A-level Biology, I would say it is to create a […]

Autism: A Community Divided

My son was diagnosed with autism in 2002, back when Autism Speaks was still Cure Autism Now and Jenny McCarthy was still posing for Playboy.  The anti-vaccine movement was already very much a thing, even before McCarthy jumped on the bandwagon.  I remember feeling confused and scared, and being inundated with anti-vaccine literature, and feeling […]

Accidental Ableism

I had never heard the word abelism before 2014. Even after my daughter was diagnosed over 10 years ago I was not aware of it. When I first saw it used, I actually had to look it up; ableism is the discrimination in favor of able-bodied people. It was not something I concerned myself with […]

Reaction to the New York school principal who called students with special needs ‘animals’ and ‘retards’

Earlier this month  we reported on the story of Kimberly Taylor,  a New York school principal who was caught on tape calling students with special needs ‘animals‘ and ‘retards.‘   The article contains a report published on the abc 7 New York news channel that contains abusive and offensive language that is disturbing. While writing the above […]

Olley Edwards – Thoughts on ‘Look At Me’ the interactive camera app for children with autism

Look At Me – In December Samsung launched its Look At Me interactive camera app, ‘designed to create a shared community to connect families with similar experiences. This project hopes to facilitate meaningful connections between parents, caregivers, and their children, as well as to foster connections between the 200 families selected.”’ the Samsung Look At […]