Autism and Anxiety – Part 3 – tips for dealing with anxiety.

The previous two articles in this series looked at anxiety in people with autism, and how it can affect them. This article will try and look at some of the things that can be done to either stop anxiety, or lessen its impact. The tips might not work for everyone, and each individual will have […]

The transition from summer to autumn.

Any kind of change can be hard for people with autism – from big changes such as moving to a new town/school, to smaller, more subtle ones, such as putting on new clothes, or taking a small detour. One change that will come around every year, several times a year, is the changing of the […]

Questioning Autistic People about their Autism – when is this ok?

There seems to be a lot of strong feelings around the autism community regarding being asked about autism. This is not just true of autistics; a lot of gay, trans and religious people seem to resent being asked what they feel are ignorant questions about their lives. But does it depend on how the question […]

PDA – Pathological Demand Avoidance

Pathological Demand Avoidance (a part of the autism spectrum) is much better known about now than it was a few years ago, but it is still not as widely understood as it should be. The name makes it sound closer to a disease, or a mental health issue, but it isn`t – in fact it […]

How much tolerance is too much?

Autism, and issues around autism often prove to be divisive. Whether it`s the debate over person first language, or even the argument over a cure for autism, there are a lot of different viewpoints floating around.  Rarely is there one overall view that everyone can agree on. There are views held by the majority, and […]

The Spectrum – Part 7 – Girls are on the spectrum too.

One of, if not the biggest, misconception about autism is that is it something that affects males and not females. Things have changed a bit now, but even the often quoted fact that more men have autism than women can be misleading. It is known that more men are diagnosed with autism, but it seems […]

The Spectrum – Part 6 – Diagnosis: Help or Hindrance?

Is a diagnoses of autism a label, or a doorway to help? Some say that a diagnosis is unnecessary and pointless, whereas others make the case that they would never have got the help they needed for themselves, or their children without one. So is a diagnosis worth seeking? And if so, why? Well first […]

The Spectrum – Part 5 – How useful is the term On the Spectrum?

The first few articles in this series looked at the use of the word spectrum, and where the term spectrum orginates from. But what are some of the pros and cons of the use of this word? Can it be helpful for people to use? Or is it something that should be avoided? This article […]

The Spectrum – Part 4 – Opportunities

Please note: the terminology used in this article is to show the type of language often used around autism, for example `mild autism`, or `low functioning`, and is not the author`s preferred choice of words, but used to illustrate a point.   There has always been a debate about how much, or how little opportunity people […]

The Spectrum – Part 3 – using the phrase `on the spectrum`

It is well known that autism is a spectrum. But what isn’t talked about much is what a spectrum itself actually is, and why autism is referred to as a spectrum. It could be argued that the word spectrum is either being misused or misunderstood. The article below will look at the word`s original meaning, […]