Alison Neil, Parent Carer from Glasgow

Alison Neil lives with Paul, her partner of 17 years and their 4 children. Liam 14 and twins Erin and Aiden 11 are on the Autistic spectrum. Anthony 3 does not have a diagnosis of Autism but Alison told us that Autism is always at the back of her mind. Alison contacted Autism Daily Newscast […]

Opinion – Latest research on autism diets and parental age – are they really helpful?

This week, I read the article, ‘Autism Diets’ Do Not Provide Children With Adequate Supplementation, Can Lead To Overuse, on the Medical Daily website and reported here on Autism Daily Newscast. It was based upon research carried out at the University of Rochester Medical Center in New York. In a nutshell, the study claims that […]

Mother supports passing of new autism insurance bill

Fort Collins, CO – A local mother is pleased with the government of Colorado’s decision to pass a proposed bill regarding the broadening of autism coverage insurance requirements. Cari Brown reveals that she expected a “massive fight” to occur as the proposed bill went through the general assembly during the last legislative session. However the […]

What World Autism Awareness Day means to me as a parent

Well April is here and tomorrow is World Autism Awareness Day (WAAD). Many people within the autism community state that every day is Autism Awareness Day, which is true, but I think that if we have a designated day especially to raise autism awareness and acceptance, then why not embrace it? It’s all good! I hope […]

It’s A Fair Cop – Julie Ellsmoor on autism and the police

The following is a blog post made by Julie Ellsmoor, mum to John, who has autism. It was originally posted on Close Encounters of the Autistic Kind. Reprinted with permission. It’s a fair cop – I recently read a really interesting article by Jo Worgan an editor of the online magazine ‘autismdailynewscast’, regarding law enforcement and […]

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