Mothers open up on the struggles of raising a child with autism

Sydney — Despite the increasing and relentless efforts of advocates and families of children with autism to raise awareness about the developmental disorder, it seems like society still hasn’t done enough in helping children struggling with autism spectrum disorder. With news of children with autism being locked away in cages or put in ‘pig pens’ […]

‘Aukids’ a Positive Parenting Magazine for Families With Children on the Autistic Spectrum

Aukids is a quarterly publication which was launched in Manchester, UK in 2008. It was initially distributed to local families with children on the autistic spectrum. it was founded by Debby Elley, journalist and mother of twins with autism along with Tori Houghton a specialist speech and language therapist who also runs her own support […]

She never gives up

Imitation: the assumption of behavior observed in other individuals.  Examples: Children learn by imitation of adults.   Charles Caleb Colton said, “Imitation is the Sincerest Form of Flattery.” Nothing can be more true than when the imitation comes from your child. At school, for Mother’s Day, Grant (my NT, 9 year-old son) was asked to […]

7 things I wish I had known when my daughter was diagnosed

Birthdays and anniversaries always make me nostalgic, particularly now that I am a little older. My oldest child recently turned 16 and I spent some time thinking about how far we have all come in her lifetime. I thought about when she was first diagnosed with autism. My mother had died only a couple of […]

The summer holidays are looming upon us

I know that for many parents with children on the autism spectrum, that the summer holidays can be a stressful time. This is due to all of the changes that take place, and a lack of routine resulting in heightened anxiety. School is a set routine for most of the year (Christmas is always fun) […]

To the parents of newly diagnosed children on the spectrum

UK – I was extremely lucky when my son was first diagnosed with autism, and to be honest, I was extremely lucky for the year and a half before be was diagnosed. The reason being that I was well supported by professionals and parents who understood what was going on in my life; they understood […]

Press Release – Father (and mother) knows best

Healthcare providers’ responses to parental concerns can delay diagnosis of autism spectrum disorders Cincinnati, OH — Children with autism spectrum disorder (ASD) can develop symptoms before 2 years of age and usually can be diagnosed by 3 years of age; early identification of ASD is associated with improved long-term developmental outcomes. In a new study […]

Mother tells of struggle for adult son with autism to gain college placement

Tadworth, Surrey, UK – Deborah Smith is mother to Tom, a nineteen-year-old man with autism and severe learning disabilities (SLD). Deborah contacted us via twitter in order to share with us and our readers the struggles that they are going through at the moment in order to transition Tom from school to college. As Deborah […]

Film documentary ‘Do it Differently’ – Dads talk about autism

Fan Blade films present Do it Differently –  A film by director Scott Phillips, that explores the complex emotions, thoughts and feelings of four fathers, Mike Whitty, Damian Gobel, Jonathon Ayers and Mike Guido who care for a child on the autistic spectrum. Scott writes on his YouTube page about the film: Please share this […]

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What World Autism Awareness Day means to me as a parent

Well April is here and tomorrow is World Autism Awareness Day (WAAD). Many people within the autism community state that every day is Autism Awareness Day, which is true, but I think that if we have a designated day especially to raise autism awareness and acceptance, then why not embrace it? It’s all good! I hope […]