Autistic Teenagers learning to Drive can be a Reality – Part 1

Learning to drive is one of those milestones in any young adult’s life. It’s a gateway to independence and freedom, which most of us take for granted. It’s a dream for most 15-17 year olds to aspire to, and having a diagnosis of Autistic Spectrum Disorder (ASD) should not dampen that aspiration. Can a high […]

Parents raise funds to get autism service dog for son

Shropshire, England — The parents of a five-year-old child who suffers from autism-like symptoms are doing everything they can to raise enough funds to get him his very own autism support dog. Oliver Fenner was a happy toddler who used to love pirates, playing with his older sister, shouting “love you” to his parents, but […]

Press Release -The Research Autism Lorna Wing series of conferences and seminars present: My Family and Autism

Research Autism –  On Thursday May 21, Research Autism will be hosting the conference, My Family and Autism. About this conference Research often focuses on the way that autism affects the individual child or adult but often does so in isolation and without regard for the wider impact. This conference focuses on the whole family […]

Press Release – New survey shows kids with special needs being forced to leave public education.

BRITISH COLUMBIA April 14, 2015 – The advocacy group BC Parents of Special Needs Children – Action for Equitable Access to Education released the results of its survey today in which more than half (51%) of the 236 respondents, said they had removed their child from public education and of those, 31% indicated they were […]

The wonderfully neurodiverse spectrum – by Emma Dalmayne

As an individual with Asperger’s Syndrome and children on the wonderfully neurodiverse spectrum, I feel I must speak out on the subject of combating autism. Why is it when I inform people of the fact my children have autism I am immediately offered unwanted advice, apologies, and pity? The media, that’s why. The scaremongering by […]

Parents express concern regarding upcoming review of autism pilot program

Saskatoon, SK – Parents are expressing concern regarding the upcoming provincial review of an autism early intervention program for children on the spectrum. Editor Update (March 19) – Wednesday’s provincial budget renewed funding for the Applied Behavioural Analysis Little Tots Program to the tune of $500,000. The Lil Tots program is a 3 year pilot project […]

Parents Hopes for Autistic Children in 2014

As a parent of an autistic child it is sometimes difficult to comprehend and envisage what the future will hold for our children. – As it is New Year and everyone is busy making New Year’s Resolutions, Autism Daily Newscast thought it would be interesting to ask parents about their own hopes for their child’s […]