Studies show that pets are good social buffers for children with autism

New York — These days, more and more children with autism are benefiting from the company of their highly-trained service dogs. It has been proven many times over that service dogs are capable of making positive impacts on children with autism, especially when it comes to socialization. Now it appears that cats can also have […]

Animals and Autism – What’s behind it Part 2

In my last post I gave a brief overview of how animal therapy came about and of its particular significance to autism. In this post I’ll look at how animals can help reduce fear and anxiety in autism. We’re all familiar with the goldfish in the dentist waiting room or the popular belief that stroking […]

How pets can benefit those children who are on the autism spectrum

University of Missouri – A recent study carried out by researchers at the university has found that pets can help those children on the autism spectrum with social skills as well as helping with assertiveness. One of the researchers, Gretchen Carlisle told: “Kids with autism do not always readily engage with others, but if there […]