Pet Gecko Helps Boy with Autism

Ten year-old Callum Lake has Asperger Syndrome, a form of autism that makes it difficult for him to read other people’s emotions. Like many children on the autism spectrum, he has struggled with making friends and dealing with anxiety. Then Spike entered his life. Spike is Callum’s pet gecko. Callum’s mother, Karen Beech, bought Spike […]

Rescue dog helps boy with autism

Los Angeles – Amanda Granados’s son, Joey, was diagnosed with Asperger’s syndrome at the age of seven. He struggled during his kindergarten years and was suspended six times due to behavior that was out of his control. Joey also loathed physical contact and had never hugged or kissed his mum, until Roxy, a rescue dog […]

How pets can benefit those children who are on the autism spectrum

University of Missouri – A recent study carried out by researchers at the university has found that pets can help those children on the autism spectrum with social skills as well as helping with assertiveness. One of the researchers, Gretchen Carlisle told: “Kids with autism do not always readily engage with others, but if there […]