Dogs Help Autistic Children Bond and Grow: Part 1

Autism can make it difficult for children to bond with other people. For unknown reasons, aspects of an autistic child’s cognitive development are hindered, so it becomes difficult for children with autism to identify their needs and feelings and to express these to other people, including family members. Without the ability to more easily connect […]

Pets Impact Happiness for those on the Autism Spectrum

Science has proved that interacting with animals especially pets can have a deep impact on the physical betterment of human beings. Animals have been known to help in the lowering of blood pressure and cholesterol and are also effective in reducing tension and stress and also help to avoid conditions like depression. It is also […]

Autism Research Review – February 2013

Feeding problems 5 times more likely in children with ASD Journal of Autism and Developmental disorders reported on the first of Feb this year, a relatively unnoticed disorder prevalent amongst autistic children. A comprehensive research into the feeding behaviours of children with autism showed that the children were at a five times greater risk of […]

Girl Scout develops program pairing children with and therapy dogs – w/ video

Fairfax, CA – A local teen has created a program geared towards pairing children with Autism Spectrum Disorder (ASD) and therapy dogs in hopes of both receiving a top Girl Scout award and serving her community. Rachel Blackman, an 18-year-old Scout from Fairfax, decided to embark on the project in an effort to enable children with […]

The Positive Traits of Autism – Part 10 – Strong Bonds with Animals

Autistic people can often have very strong bonds with animals.  Whether this is a pet, a farm animal, or even a wild animal.  When asked nearly every body with autism questioned said that the bonds and understanding they had with animals was one of the most positive aspects of their autism. This isn’t to say […]