Highlands Hospital Regional Autism Center Plans Autism Event

Highlands Hospital Regional Autism Center, Pittsburgh World Autism Awareness Day is being celebrated on Wednesday April 2 and Highlands Hospital Regional Autism Center is inviting people to help it celebrate. Students and staff of the center will be there with their families and the public is invited from 2 to 4 p.m. Froggy radio will […]

Encountering People with Autism DVD Launched in Pittsburgh

Allegheny County, Pittsburgh – District Attorney Stephen A. Zappala Jr has commissioned the production of a DVD called “Encountering People with Autism“. The DVD is for police and other first responders who may come into contact with the public who have an Autistic Spectrum Disorder. The project was encouraged by Scott Bailey, a full-time Allegheny […]

Autism friendly theater play: The Lion King

Autism Daily Newscast recently reported on the increasing numbers of films that are being presented in autism friendly setting. Live theater is also taking up the challenge of offering special productions for children with special needs. If taking a small child to watch a theater play has proven to be a challenge, you can just […]

South Fayette High School senior who has autism talks about overcoming life challenges

Pittsburgh, South Fayette High School – Joey Blum,18,was diagnosed with autism in 1999, when he was 4. He did not speak for the first 4 years of his life. For the second year, Joey gave a presentation on World Autism Day to raise awareness about the condition. “I was to describe how being different can […]