Virginia Governor wants change as state has highest record of students referred to police and court

Richmond, Va. — Virginia Gov. Terry McAuliffe wants changes in policies in the state after it was found that Virginia has the most number of students being referred to police and courts than all other states in the U.S. Gov. McAuliffe has ordered his cabinet members to identify the root cause of the problem, and […]

Study finds UK police interview process lacking for people with autism

United Kingdom – A new study found that current UK police interview practices do not work well for people with autism. The study was conducted by Medical Xpress’s Department of Psychology and was funded by the Economic Social Research Council (ESRC). In the study researchers Dr. Katie Maras from the DOP and Dr. Laura Crane […]

Encountering People with Autism DVD Launched in Pittsburgh

Allegheny County, Pittsburgh – District Attorney Stephen A. Zappala Jr has commissioned the production of a DVD called “Encountering People with Autism“. The DVD is for police and other first responders who may come into contact with the public who have an Autistic Spectrum Disorder. The project was encouraged by Scott Bailey, a full-time Allegheny […]

Cranston police officers to receive autism training

CRANSTON, R.I. – Police officers in Cranston are now to receive specialist training in how to interact with individuals who have autism. We recently covered the story, Petition Launched for Autism Awareness and Special Needs Recognition Training for US Law Enforcement that can be read here. A news release was issued on Sunday April 26, […]

Autism and the Criminal Justice System – Part 5 – what the police need to know continued

As with the first part of this article, it is important that the police remember that each of the issues covered here might not apply to every autistic person, and there may well be issues that arise which are not covered in these articles.  It is also important to remember that it might not be […]

Free individualized wallet card for individuals with autism

Disability Independence Group (DIG) – Following on from our series about autism and law enforcement, the Disability Independence Group (DIG) got in touch with us in order to share their free individualized wallet card for persons on the autism spectrum. The mission statement, taken from their website is as follows: ‘Expanding opportunities for participation, education, […]

It’s A Fair Cop – Julie Ellsmoor on autism and the police

The following is a blog post made by Julie Ellsmoor, mum to John, who has autism. It was originally posted on Close Encounters of the Autistic Kind. Reprinted with permission. It’s a fair cop – I recently read a really interesting article by Jo Worgan an editor of the online magazine ‘autismdailynewscast’, regarding law enforcement and […]

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Autism and the police – I am frightened

Autism, youth and law enforcement –  All this week we are discussing the issues surrounding law enforcement and young people who are on the autism spectrum. This is an issue of great concern for any parent or caregiver of a child or young person who is autistic. No matter where in the world you live. […]

When Autism and Law Enforcement Cross Paths

One of my biggest concerns that I have for my autistic son is how he will get along in the community as an adult. More specifically, how will he interact with strangers and if need be, law enforcement should such an event take place. I try to teach my son as much as possible so […]

Autistics at risk of harm at the hands of those who to protect them

This week, Autism Daily Newscast highlights the many recent events surrounding the issues of law enforcement, the justice system and how they affect those on the autism spectrum. We have articles by mothers with autistic sons, who worry about them getting into trouble with the law and the possible resulting outcomes. However it is not […]