Pieces in the Corporate Puzzle

In my recurring role at Autism Daily Newscast writing the Patterns for Success column, I normally share with you all practical advice for thriving in the corporate landscape as an autistic professional. As we’re all considering the symbolism of the puzzle piece within our community, I thought I might take a step to the side […]

The Autism Puzzle Piece – we do not need a missing puzzle piece, what we need is acceptance

The Autism Puzzle Piece – All this week we are sharing the many opinions within the autism community surrounding the “autism puzzle piece.” There is no way that you can miss this symbol as it  is everywhere. It is used as the symbol for many autism organisations including Autism Speaks, (I am not going to […]

Puzzle Piece Tablet- a work of heart part 2

Autism Daily Newscast talked to Andrea McKean, co founder of PuzzlePiece a company producing tablets geared especially for the budget and needs of families with autism. You can read part 1 of this interview here. Tell me a little about Puzzle piece, when were you established, and what are your company goals. Puzzle Pieces, Inc. […]

Puzzle Piece tablet – a work of heart part 1

Autism Daily Newscast reported briefly on a revolutionary new tablet aimed for the needs and budgets of parents with autistic children back at the beginning of May. The evolution of advanced technology has made life a lot easier for children and families living with autism. Andrea McKean co-founder of Puzzle Piece, the company behind providing […]

Puzzle Piece’s budget tablet helps children with ASD socialise

A $19 7″ tablet is proving revolutionary in teaching autistic children social skills according to an article published in TechCrunch this month. The evolution of the iPad and similar tablets which have become more affordable in recent years, has proved a powerful learning tool for children with autism and ASD’s which are highly effective for […]