Volunteers install backyard fence to protect autistic boy

News Brief – Lancaster, Ohio The fence went up yesterday and the gates were finished today so 9 year old Kyle, finally had his fence enclosing the backyard. Like so many children with autism, Kyle doesn’t realize the dangers around where he lives. He is able to unlock the doors to the house and go […]

A Mini GPS Tracking Device For Your Loved Ones

Wandering and bolting continue to be a major issue for children on the autism spectrum. Estimates suggest that up to 49% of individuals with ASD will wander off or bolt at some time. The statistics are the highest for children under seven. If you have a child that falls into this category then the mini […]

Police appeal Launched after Autistic girl assaulted in London

Police in London, UK are appealing for information after a teenage girl with Autism was violently attacked and robbed by an assailant riding a bike. Eighteen year old Alex Tree was walking home through an underpass in Walthamstow on the way to visit her grandmother. Miss Tree was carrying two bags from high street chains […]

Search continues for missing autistic boy now in its second week.

UPDATE Fourteen year old Avonte Oquendo of Queens, New York remains missing despite increase efforts to locate his whereabouts. The $5,000 reward offered by a local law firm, Mayerson & Associates, for his safe return has been doubled to $10,000. His brother Daniel Oquendo, Jr., said “I know they’re going through hours and hours of surveillance, so […]

Why wandering can be dangerous for children with autism

Columbia, Mo. — As authorities continue their search for Jonathan Shay, a 13-year-old boy with autism who has now been missing for nearly two weeks, the incident that saw a whole community desperately looking for the young teen also brings light to the alarming number of children with autism wandering away. According to CNN, wandering […]

How to Keep Children with Autism Safe Around Water

Drowning is one of the leading causes of death for children with autism. That statistic is certainly startling. But what makes it even more devastating is that with the right measures in place drowning deaths can be prevented. To understand how to prevent these drownings, it’s important that parents and caregivers understand why children with […]

New Jersey teacher fired for mistreating students with autism

Warren, NJ – Jennifer Filo, a tenured teacher with the Morris-Union Jointure Commission, was fired due to what officials called an extensive use corporal punishment. The ruling was upheld by state arbitrator Robert Simmelkjaer who, in a 44 page decision, says that Filo hit students, bent back their fingers, denied them breakfast, and encouraged students […]

Press Release – Autism Wessex launch the Autism Alert Card

Funded by Dorset Police, Autism Wessex is launching the autism alert card scheme in Bournemouth, Dorset and Poole.  Alert cards will be issued free of charge to people aged 10 years and over who are on the Autism Spectrum, including those with Asperger syndrome. The credit card sized cards are designed to be carried at […]

BE SAFE The Movie – Interview with Emily Iland

Be Safe the Movie – We recently ran a series on the topic of law enforcement and autism and we were received many personal messages about this emotive subject. The opinion piece, Autism and the Police – I am Frightened, in particular, received many comments  from parents and caregivers of children and adults with autism. […]

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Free individualized wallet card for individuals with autism

Disability Independence Group (DIG) – Following on from our series about autism and law enforcement, the Disability Independence Group (DIG) got in touch with us in order to share their free individualized wallet card for persons on the autism spectrum. The mission statement, taken from their website is as follows: ‘Expanding opportunities for participation, education, […]