Autistic friendly performances especially in Chicago becoming more common

Chicago, USA – A leader in offering barrier free performances for families with autistic children Chicago Children’s Theatre (CCT) does it again. This time they have set aside all 235 seats on November 1st for the performance of the currently running “A Year with Frog and Toad“. Why all seats? As they say on the web site: “This creates […]

Eating Strategies for Children with Autism, Part 2

Children with autism tend to be selective eaters because of sensory issues. Food might be refused because of its taste, texture, appearance, and/or smell. It becomes difficult for a parent or caregiver to get their autistic child not only to eat enough, but to also eat healthy. Some have given up trying to work with […]

Eating Made Palatable and Fun for Children with Autism

Autism affects every area of a person’s life, even the daily arena of eating. Many children who are not diagnosed on the autism spectrum simply pick up their fork and start eating, even thought they might be inclined to skip over the greens. There are no triggers about mealtime that would disturb the enjoyment of […]

Autism and Sensory Differences. The Consequences are not a Game!

Over the past few weeks you have seen how badly the various sensory differences can affect the child; transforming the way he relates to others and to the world around him. Unfortunately the consequences of those problems are often overlooked despite the fact that, in my experience, they are very important indeed. So before we […]

Autism and Preparing for Summer – Part 2 – Sensory Solutions – Sun cream

The previous article in this series set up some of the problems that people with autism might face in the summer time. But it wasn’t meant to imply that the summer can’t be enjoyable for autistic people. These issues exist, but there are ways to deal with them. It is impossible to promise that all […]

Autism and Preparing for Summer – Part 1 – Sensory Issues

Most people look forward to the summer, but it can be an awkward time for people with autism. Not everybody likes the hot weather anyway, but if a person`s senses are heightened – as is often the case with autism – then a lot of difficulties can come along with the heat. This doesn’t mean […]

Students invent sensory chair for children with autism

Overland Park, KS – A group of Blue Valley students has developed a sensory chair specifically designed to aid children on the autism spectrum. The chair, which is a lounger filled with two airbags is a designed to envelop the individual seated in it, essentially providing them with the sensation of being given a “big […]

‘Pylon corridor would destroy our autistic son’s quality of life’

Liam and Fiona O’Neill, East Cork, Ireland – told the Irish Times that a proposed pylon corridor near their home would destroy their son’s quality of life. Connor O’Neill 10 has severe autism with hypersensitivity to artificial noises. Connor is the eldest of 4 children and reporter Claire O’Sullivan was told that noise level at […]

Katie Johnson from Lancaster UK, music helps autistic son when walking outdoors

Katie Johnson, 35 from Lancaster UK is a Primary School Teacher and mum to Lily and son Joey, 5, who has Autistic Spectrum Disorder (ASD). Katie contacted Autism Daily Newscast and asked if she could share with our readers how she helped Joey to walk when outside, she wanted to share her story in order […]