Snug Vest: A recent addition to possible aids for children with special needs

Our final in the series on weighted vests highlights a former swimming instructor and classroom volunteer from Vancouver who has designed a special type of vest to aid children with special needs in their daily activities. The 24-year-old, Lisa Fraser, who has worked with these children first hand, believes that hug can mean so much for […]

Hugs for Autism

BioHug Technologies, an innovative technologies firm located in Haifa, Israel, has developed a product to help assist in the treatment of autism. The company has created the BioHug Vest, which is said to be a stress relief solution for those with autism. The company states on its website: “The BioHug Vest is an effective, portable, […]

Studies Link Air Pollution to Autism Risk

A national study by the Harvard School of Public Health confirmed a link between prenatal exposure to air pollution and a higher chance of having a child diagnosed with autism.  Autism is a developmental disability characterized by difficulty initiating and sustaining social relationships, communication difficulties, and sensory-motor sensitivities. Data from the Nurses’ Health Study II, […]

Autism Research Review – March 2013

Android robots teach autistic children A team of mechanical engineers from Vanderbilt University and ASD experts  have come together to build a robotic system armed with numerous sensors, mikes, cameras and computers called NAO ( read: now). It’s aimed at teaching children develop a classical social skill which is deficient in autistic children, joint attention. […]