Autism Research: May 8, 2015 Week in Review

Super strong brain signals give clue to sensory overload worries in autism A new study published this week in the reputed journal Brain talks about what might be a strong reason why people on the spectrum face sensory overload problems when going to new environments, etc. a team of researchers led by Harvard Medical School […]

Autism, and Losing days through Sensory Overload

Do you ever find that when you have one busy day, you end up losing two days?  What I mean by that is this; I work from home doing my writing, and I like to see it as my job.  I want to put a good few hours in to it each day.  But if […]

Sensory Overload – Personal experience by a woman with Apergers syndrome

After knowing I was completely different as far as I could see from every other woman I had met, I finally found out why this year at the age of thirty eight. In a small office after filling out two questionnaires and, talking about my life history I was told that I had Apergers syndrome. […]