Sue James from Isle of Man, UK, talks about ‘A Sense of Calm’

A Sense of Calm is a 60 minute DVD which features, ‘6 tracks of specially-created, flowing images, set to specially-composed music, designed to promote relaxation through sensory stimulation.’ Each DVD also comes with a booklet which gives information on how best to use the DVD. At present ‘A Sense of Calm’ is being used in […]

Online Program Offers Affordable Therapy for Autism

It is a known fact that children with autism suffer from sensory dysfunction. Sensory issues can range from mild to severe, and can manifest in many different ways. Occupational therapists trained in sensory integration can help, but their services are expensive, and may not always be covered by insurance. Mendability is an online program developed […]

New Criteria For Choosing Gifts And Toys For Autistic Children

PRLog (Press Release) – Dec. 6, 2012 – Shining Abilities, a company producing toys for Autistic children, has designed a selection process to help select the perfect gift for a child with Autism.  Often parents, friends, and grandparents are unsure of what gifts or toys to buy for holidays or birthdays.  They tend to want […]

Trigger Warning – Chlorine Dioxide

Editor’s Note: Emma Dalmaayne is a vocal advocate against the use of Miracle Mineral Solution (MMS). This is the fourth article in the series on this topic.  As a woman with Autism I find it incredible that a parent would be so foolhardy as to use something disproved by the FDA and not recognised by […]

Autism and Sensory Differences. The Consequences are not a Game!

Over the past few weeks you have seen how badly the various sensory differences can affect the child; transforming the way he relates to others and to the world around him. Unfortunately the consequences of those problems are often overlooked despite the fact that, in my experience, they are very important indeed. So before we […]

Autism and ‘Hypersmell’ – Can You Smell That?

Did your child fight at the breast? Does he get upset or retreat when some people approach him – seemingly without reason? Or avoid certain places – even when they are quiet? If so it is possible that he suffers from ‘nose pollution’ (an extreme hypersensitivity to odors) which he will be unable to block […]