15 year old autistic teen and family raising funds for service dog

Profiles in Brief – Help Marisa get her service dog. 15 year old Marisa Smith was only diagnosed with autism two years ago but has had serious developmental challenges since birth and the family has been raising funds for service dog.  Marisa says. “Dealing with people is hard. They’re not exactly as understanding as animals.” […]

The Fear of a lost child: Wandering, Drowning, and Autism a growing concern

Drowning as a consequence of wandering has long been a challenge to families whose kids are diagnosed with autism. Back in 2009 to 2011, statistics show that 91 percent of autistic children aged 14 and below who wandered have consequently drowned. The fear brought about by this problem was further heightened when the body of […]

Service Dogs Help the Entire Family of an Autistic Child – Part 2

Anthony Kuznia, an 11 year old autistic went missing last Wednesday in East Grand Forks Michigan. Just over a day later, his body was retrieved about a half a mile from his home. Although there were no obvious signs of trauma, an autopsy will be preformed. Anthony had a history of wandering off as is […]

Dogs for the Disabled receives money from National Lottery Funding

Oxfordshire, UK – Non-Profit Dogs for the Disabled has recently received £970,000 from National Lottery Funding. This goes to help raise and train dogs that assist all types of people with disabilities whether it be physical, or people with autism. Since the charity does not get any government funding it relies solely on volunteers, donations, […]

Legal dispute erupts over denied autism service dog request

Durban, South Africa – The mother of a young boy with ASD has entered into a legal dispute with the trustees of her apartment complex over their refusal to allow her family to obtain an autism service dog. Shelly Ann Foote is a stay-at-home mother providing full-time care for her seven year old son Conrad who […]

Dogs Trained to Help Children on the Autism Spectrum

Animal-assisted therapy for children with autism is a popular topic at the moment. When combined  with an evidence-based approach, it can be very useful in helping children on the autism spectrum develop communication, self-help and social skills. Families wonder how animal-assisted therapy can help their children on the autism spectrum. One of the most commonly […]