A Little Boy’s Wish for His Autistic Big Brother to Talk

 Cathy Jameson contributing editor of Age of Autism shares Little Buddy’s wish of wanting his older brother Roman to talk. Little buddy is 9 and Roman 11. Cathy explains how she found a note written by Little Buddy in her office. The note said ‘I would tell Jesus to please help my brother talk’ Cathy […]

July 15 2013 Week In Review: Latest Research into Autism

Extra Cerebrospinal fluid potential predictor for autism, study reveals. Nature published a new study that recorded infantile brain size over about 2 years. The study revealed that children who went on to being diagnosed with an ASD had extra cerebrospinal fluid and larger head sizes in infancy. The study conducted at the UC Davis MIND […]

Autism Research: Jan 30, 2015 Week in Review

Largest autism study finds siblings don’t share most autism genes The largest-ever study conducted on the autism genome came up with some shocking results this week. The study led by Dr. Stephen Scherer of Autism Speaks found that siblings with autism did not share most of the autism-linked genes. The study comes as a huge […]

Siblings on the autism spectrum have varied genetic mutations

Toronto, Canada — A group of researchers headed by Dr. Stephen Scherer, a geneticist from The Hospital of Sick Children in Toronto, has found that even siblings on the autism spectrum have varied genetic mutations. Dr. Scherer and his team studied genetic mutations in the entire DNA of 85 families who have siblings on the […]

Press Release – Kaiser Permanente Study Shows Length of Time Between Births May Increase Autism Risk

OAKLAND, Calif., Sept. 14, 2015 /PRNewswire/ — Second-born children who are conceived sooner than two years or later than six years after the arrival of their older sibling have a substantially increased risk of autism spectrum disorders, according to a new Kaiser Permanente study published in the journal Pediatrics. The findings support the World Health Organization’s […]

Designer creates voice box to help his sibling with autism to communicate – w/video

Los Angeles, CA – Matt Reamer has created a voice box that helps people with communication challenges speak. Reamer was inspired to create the box because of his older brother Dustin whose on the autism spectrum. When Dustin was born his parents were told he’d need emergency surgery for his heart. While the operation was […]

Plastic Figurines – a play about siblings and autism – w/video

Plastic Figurines – is a new play by award winning playwright Ella Greenhill. Ella grew up with a younger brother who has autism. Talking to The Telegraph, the 31-year-old writer tells of how she felt when she learned that her brother was on the autistic spectrum nearly ten years ago. She explains that Jay seemed […]