Autism provision not good enough says leading expert prof Simon Baron Cohen

Cambridge University professor and top researcher into autism has urged government to rethink current provision for autistic individuals in the UK. Talking to John Bercow, speaker of the Houses of Parliament in the UK who also has an autistic son, at a National Autism Society (NAS) convention he was said to be underwhelmed by improvements […]

Study reveals link between autism and synaesthesia

Researchers from Cambridge University led by Professor of Developmental Psychopathology Simon Baron-Cohen have found a link between the condition Synaesthesia to autism. Synaesthesia is a condition which present in individuals causing them to taste or see colours when presented with a specific word. A person with synaesthesia could see a colour for a specific place name, […]

How Do I Know if I Have Autism?

“How do I know if I have autism?” is a question asked by many parents and family members of children who have been diagnosed with the condition. While a definitive cause is yet to be discovered, most scientists agree that there is a genetic component, and it is common for family members to notice particular […]