Autistic Children feel comfortable interacting Socially with their Peers through Tablets like Transformer Pad Infinity

The onset of digital tablets like the Transformer Pad Infinity and their touch screen technology has allowed parents, teachers and several kinds of therapists to treat children with autism and other mental disability differently. For example, now they can change the break time or a snack time into a teaching session. Children who are autistic are now […]

The Best Robots for Children with Autism

Autism is a developmental disability that affects communication and social skills.  As the rate of diagnosed cases of autism continues to rise, researchers are searching for ways to help people afflicted by this complex disability.  Since many children with autism are naturally attracted to computers and technology, it follows that offering a product combining technology […]

Autism Research Review – April 2013

Hypertension drug to improve memory in ASD, research reveals There is always new hope that comes along with research. Sometimes a new molecule is discovered and sometimes new functions of an old molecule are discovered. Something similar happened when neurologist David B.  and his team were working with autism afflicted children. On 15th April, 2013 […]

Autism Research Review – February 2013

Feeding problems 5 times more likely in children with ASD Journal of Autism and Developmental disorders reported on the first of Feb this year, a relatively unnoticed disorder prevalent amongst autistic children. A comprehensive research into the feeding behaviours of children with autism showed that the children were at a five times greater risk of […]