Temple Grandin puts weight behind campaign addressing current trends in autism awareness

Temple Grandin has long been an autism advocate, being amongst the first to write about her experiences with autism and producing a plethora of books on the subject. The 66 year old professor at Colorado State University is to add her voice to a campaign to raise awareness of trends in autism awareness after saying […]

Autism and Loneliness

One of the main symptoms of autism spectrum disorder is a lack of social reciprocity. People with autism have difficulty reading and using social cues appropriately. Human beings are social animals, and a disorder that impairs one’s ability to create and maintain satisfying relationships is a deficit that affects many aspects of life, both personally […]

Autism Research Review – February 2013

Feeding problems 5 times more likely in children with ASD Journal of Autism and Developmental disorders reported on the first of Feb this year, a relatively unnoticed disorder prevalent amongst autistic children. A comprehensive research into the feeding behaviours of children with autism showed that the children were at a five times greater risk of […]

Children with autism should be given opportunities to socialise

Last week I read a really interesting article from The Conversation and reprinted here on Autism Daily Newscast, entitled: ‘Children with autism shouldn’t be forced to socialise’. The gist of the article is that children with autism should not be made to ‘socialise‘ and that by making these children integrate into social situations and then rewarding them for […]

Oxytocin, the love hormone, can ease autism symptoms claim US Researchers

US researchers have found that using the ‘love’ hormone Oxytocin can help autistic children with socialisation skills. Oxytocin is a naturally occurring hormone in the human body, and as well as being present in the onset of labour, also aids the bonding between mother and baby. Use of the hormone for children with autism has […]