Canada bound for Danish firm helping autistic people to find tech jobs

Thorkil Sonne started up his company┬áSpecialisterne to aid people, like his son Lars, to get a head in the world of technology. The company has since expanded into 11 other countries, the newest of which will venture to Canada. The base for the company will be in Toronto, with staff being sought for Vancouver and […]

A new social enterprise for individuals with autism

East Belfast – A new social enterprise for individuals with autism has been set up to help people gain jobs i the IT sector. Specialisterne’s aim is to help 50 people with an autism spectrum disorder (ASD) get jobs in the IT sector over the next five years. Around 16,500 people work across 700 companies […]

North American companies seek employees with autism

Delaware, US – SAP is a software company that is searching for candidates who are on the autistic spectrum. They are advertising positions that require serious attention to detail such as debugging, testing software, and assigning customer-service queries. SAP’s goal is to have 650 employees world wide who are autistic by the year 2020. In […]