Mother accused of attempted murder of autistic daughter wants to write parenting book

Traverse City, Michigan – A mother who stands accused of trying to murder her 14 year old autistic daughter and then trying to kill herself has admitted she wants to write a parenting book for parents with autistic children. Autism Daily Newscast reported the harrowing story of Kelli Stapleton on September 6. Ms Stapleton, 45 […]

Autism Research: June 27, 2014 Week in Review

Autism causes driving difficulties, study reveals A new study published by researchers from the Drexel University has for the first time studied the difficulties faced by adults diagnosed with autism in driving and the perception of the ability of driving. The study led by Brian Daly was published in the Journal of Autism and Developmental […]

Young man with Asperger’s found dead in housing for vulnerable adults

Somerset, UK – Jack Ellis, a 20-year-old man with Asperger’s disorder was found dead in his supported housing flat for vulnerable adults. Mr Ellis was not found until nearly a week after he died. It is believed that he committed suicide. Mr Ellis’s mother, Helen Ellis, 57  said she last saw her son on March […]