Autistic Children feel comfortable interacting Socially with their Peers through Tablets like Transformer Pad Infinity

The onset of digital tablets like the Transformer Pad Infinity and their touch screen technology has allowed parents, teachers and several kinds of therapists to treat children with autism and other mental disability differently. For example, now they can change the break time or a snack time into a teaching session. Children who are autistic are now […]

The iPad Mini a Hot Tablet for those with Autism

When the iPad Mini came out in the market last fall, it became a “hot” item instantly. It is a bit smaller and cheaper than the standard iPad. A recent study has discovered that seventy per cent of children use the tablets in a home. Out of this lot, about eighty per cent of them […]

The Kindle Touch: Tools for Autism

There is no single answer to the question ‘what does it mean to live with autism?’  Yet, technology like e-readers, tablets and computers can provide practical tools for a variety of people across the autism spectrum.  With recognised applications in school, the home and general everyday life, they can offer an aid for communication, learning […]