S.B. Linton’s “Teens With Autism” Book Review

Author S. B. Linton is renowned for writing writing books with the intention of helping children with autism in the through an array of lesson ideas and activities for the classroom and home environment. Linton’s most recent book, Teens with Autism: Apps, Ideas for Lessons, & Common Core Reading Connections for Teens and Young Adults […]

Australian state government to send 80 teachers to autism education training

Adelaide, Australia — The state government in Southern Australia will be sending 80 educators to a rigorous training on educating students with autism spectrum disorder (ASD). The $700,000-program aims not only to raise autism awareness as well as train teachers on the important basics of dealing with students on the spectrum, it also hopes to […]

Reaction to the New York school principal who called students with special needs ‘animals’ and ‘retards’

Earlier this month  we reported on the story of Kimberly Taylor,  a New York school principal who was caught on tape calling students with special needs ‘animals‘ and ‘retards.‘   The article contains a report published on the abc 7 New York news channel that contains abusive and offensive language that is disturbing. While writing the above […]

Teachers unprepared for children with autism spectrum disorders

Auckland, New Zealand-A story from the the New Zealand Herald caught our eye this morning, which stated that teachers and educators in New Zealand schools are unprepared for the challenges of autistic children in their classrooms. A 14 year old buy was recently expelled from his school highlighted the fact that teachers in the province […]