Canada bound for Danish firm helping autistic people to find tech jobs

Thorkil Sonne started up his company Specialisterne to aid people, like his son Lars, to get a head in the world of technology. The company has since expanded into 11 other countries, the newest of which will venture to Canada. The base for the company will be in Toronto, with staff being sought for Vancouver and […]

Research finds computer-aided communication helps adults with autism

Leiden, Netherlands — A group of researchers from the University of Leiden in the Netherlands have attempted to conduct research on a theory that has long been speculated by many. The group, headed by Aske Plaat, made efforts to prove that computer-aided communication such as entails and instant messaging have a number of advantages for  […]

Robot Rene can help diagnose autism quicker

Rene the robot can sing, dance an entertain. But scientists from Croatia have designed the little humanoid to do much more than just make a child giggle. The little robot comes armed with a camera and a microphone. Rene can monitor responses from the child and log the child’s eye contact. To a child with […]

Autistic Spectrum Digest hot off the press, what are you reading tonight?

New Apple News Stand Magazine for those on the Autistic Spectrum You may have noticed, things have changed a little here at Autism Daily Newscast, and we are absolutely delighted to introduce you to our fledgling sister site, Autistic Spectrum Digest, a brand monthly new digital magazine available on Apple News Stand which you can […]

Twitter ‘Report Abuse’ button not good enough according to Autism Anti-Bullying campaigner

Social networking site Twitter has announced that it will install a ‘report abuse button’ after alleged rape threats were received by a feminist campaigner earlier this week. For many people with Autism and Autism Spectrum Disorders (ASDs), Social networking sites are an invaluable form of social interaction, which can be very difficult in real life, […]

Update: NODA to be granted another 3-year federal grant to bring technology to rural areas

Boise, Idaho — It wasn’t long since medical technologies firm Behavior Imaging Solutions announced that— in partnership with several research centers— it was able to come up with a system called Naturalistic Observation Diagnostic Assessment or NODA. Autism first reported this story earlier this year in Research, Clinicians & Smartphones Answer the Call for Families […]

Device designed to calm children with autism launched in Italy

Rome — A device designed to calm children with autism was launched during an event themed “People with Autism – a Life Spent with Others”, which was organized by the Italian Red Cross and the Consorzio Promosalute in Italy last month. The device, called Mente, was the brainchild of Maltese scientist Adrian Attard Trevisan. Trevisan […]

Hidden feature in Apple Watch discovered by deafblind woman

A deafblind woman who was born with Usher’s syndrome, discovered a usually overlooked feature in Apple’s recently released Apple Watch. Molly Watt, who has been a long-time iPhone user, said she ordered her Apple Watch in April, and discovered the smartwatch’s overlooked feature while she was trying to adjust its accessibility features. Molly found that […]

LiveCode launch IndieGoGo campaign to employ individuals with autism

Live Code, a company that is ‘committed to promoting digital literacy‘ will launch on April 2, World Autism Awareness Day, an IndieGoGo campaign that aims to train 3000 young adults on the autism spectrum across the world how to code. The IndieGoGo campaign can be found at The LiveCode website states: ‘We will provide […]

New technologies for autism

Using technology is not a new concept for many autistic children. Apps on smart phones, voice recognition software, books on tape, and special pencil grips are all used widely today by autistic children and adults. Now there are several new developments in both software and hardware with a goal of helping autistic children in the […]